DIAL, Day In A Life of a college student. it’s for filipino club & all the others around LA. woke up at 5:30am -_____- @joshysaurus was my bus buddy. the bus left a little late, which delayed picking up narbonne & getting to UCLA by half an hour. yaknooow, filipino time! i had such a great time (: i really wished that we could’ve gone my freshman & sophomore year. that means we have to go my senior year. mr nitake, or mr nitakes haha, is such a cool teacher. he looked like a student there! i met some new people, went to a few workshops, & walked a bunch around the gigantic campus. i always get so impressed when i watch dance crews perform haha, samahang modern! i just wanted to stay there. the bus ride home was so hyper, all i heard was screaming & people grody laughing hahaha.

AHHHH, *clap**clap* *clap**clap**clap**clap* *clap* *clap* 8! U *clap x3* C *clap x3* L *clap x3* A *clap x3*, UCLA FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! that’s their UCLA chant (: hahahaha

i got home, closed the door, & went straight to the automan & just layed there. i was so ready to knock ouuuut! but then @thedailyrey came over to study for precal. i was too brain dead to think. i still am right now haha. back to reality & living that high school life.

  1. jrdj said: OMGGG, my school usually goes to that but this year we couldn’t afford buses or something! D;
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