first day of school was fun

i like saying hi with a big smile on my face to people i haven’t seen in so long (:

@xkristineanne is in my first period english! i finally got to meet her. then i saw eldreeezy at snack, i ran up to him & gave him a big hug! then i saw @joshysaurus in the breezeway. these kids

first period: english with ms pavao. i know a lot of people in that class. richard vivas just had to be in my english class three years in a row!?

second: physics with ms hagen. KEANA’S IN MY CLASS & MY SEAT BUDDY FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR! <3 @camilllli & @angelicaricaforte sit right behind me. a lot of people there too.

third: photo with ms herrera. only one person i know, @kitsmythang. she’s my buddy when we have to go to the film room.

fourth: pre cal honors with ms bogatskaya. i think that’s how you spell it? she’s russian & has a strong accent that i can’t understand!? everyone i know is in that class though!

fifith: us history with ms brown. i know half of them, funny people.

sixth: spanish three with mrs trani. i had her for spanish one. but since i quit volleyball… there’s only like twenty something kids in that class!? one person, @jchoe.

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